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We make it easier for organizations to meet their goals through team building, community engagement and strategic planning
  • Energetic & Cheerful
    Nat Jones is a gifted facilitator with a knack for gaining the participation of audiences. Her cheerful, energetic style turns the stalest subjects into engaging and energizing exchanges.
    Eddy Moratin
    Executive Director
    LIFT Orlando
  • Thought-provoking
    The value that Nat brings to her clients, is her ability to challenge people to think differently. Her team-building techniques and thought-provoking group activities are second to none.
    Terry Prather
    Former President
    Sea World
  • Best Facilitators
    Natalie Jones is simply one of the best facilitators you will encounter. She has a rare combination of warmth and confidence that she employs to guide groups to new insights and decisions. She has a natural gifting for the art of facilitation.
    Phil Hissom
    POLIS Institute
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Team Building
Strengthen your team's bonds and enhance collaboration through exercises and activities designed to foster trust and communication.
Community Engagement
Build meaningful connections with your local community and cultivate a supportive network of stakeholders.
Strategic Planning
Develop clear, actionable strategies to navigate challenges and achieve your organizational goals.

Struggling to Align Your Team and Achieve Organizational Goals?

If you find yourself grappling with the challenge of aligning your team's efforts with your organization's objectives, you're not alone. Many businesses face obstacles in fostering collaboration, engaging with their local community, and crafting effective strategies to propel growth.
Difficulty Fostering Team Unity?
Is your team lacking cohesion and struggling to work towards a shared vision, causing low morale?
Struggling to Engage with the Community?
Are you finding it challenging to connect with the local community and gain support for your initiatives?
Uncertain How to Communicate Changes?
Do you face obstacles in effectively communicating organizational changes to stakeholders?

We Offer Facilitation Services To Help Align Your Team & Achieve Organization Goals 

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How We Equip You

Our Facilitation Services will help you develop and sharpen specific skills to elevate your work and business, help your relationship improve with the local community and garner support for your projects, get your team to understand their role in the company vision and mission, and help you communicate an upcoming organizational change to your stakeholders effectively.


Public Speaking


Customized Facilitation


Signature Workshops

Public Speaking

We deliver dynamic speeches that establish the central theme of a summit or conference as Keynote Speakers. We also moderate debates or discussions, keeping speakers focused on the topic of questions being raised. We can also Emcee as a Master of Ceremonies, representing the vision of the event while keeping the show on schedule and the audience engaged.

Customized Facilitation

Whether we're presenting to 25 or 25,000 of your team members, we will be ready to provide an unforgettable experience. After meeting with you and your team about your needs at our initial consultation, we will begin customizing your workshop that will bring transformation to your company.

Signature Workshops

We have signature workshops that we've conducted most frequently over the last 15 years. Our team has been able to improve the content in such a way that they become more effective time and time again. We'll take your team through these signature workshops, be it online or in-person, from half-day to a 3-day seminar. We are here to serve you best.

Helping numerous companies attain their Goals

Our Team Of Facilitators

We offer a combined 100+ Years of Facilitating Experience, having assisted numerous companies in achieving their goals.
Nat C Jones
Nat C Jones
Master Facilitator
Tommy Lovett
Tommy Lovett
Lead Facilitator
Dr. Cynthia Graham
Transformational Facilitator
Angela Taylor
Angela Taylor
Engagement Facilitator
Corey Nery
Corey Nery
Community Facilitator
Timothy Ayers
Strategic Facilitator
Ramond Walker
Innovative Facilitator
Monica May
Communications Facilitator

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We're ready to help your company reach new levels of growth. Whether it is public speaking, facilitating, or workshops, we're here to help. Let us know your needs below and we'll be connected with you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does Nat Company offer?
Nat C. Company offers specialized workshop facilitation services, which include strategic planning, team building and community engagement. These services are also available virtually. We offer add-on or ala carte services such as, keynote speaking, moderating and emceeing.
How can Nat Company help improve team dynamics and strategic planning?
Nat C. Company consists of an immaculate team of experienced facilitators who are equipped with the expertise needed to build teams and plan strategies that work! We will help your organization by guiding you through best practices designed to build capacity in your team and clarity in your plans. We do this through in-person and virtual workshops and coaching.
How does Nat Company customize workshops?
Our team will set up a discovery call to identify the specific needs of your organization, then we meet to analyze the information gathered and decide which facilitators are best equipped to take on the challenge. Once the team is selected they will create a customized agenda for the initial workshop based on research and best practice framework.
What types of events and workshops has Nat Company facilitated in the past?
Nat C. Company has experience facilitating team-building, strategic planning, community engagement, think tank brainstorms and leadership development workshops for educational leaders, non-profit organizations, community developers, ministries and government entities.
What is the pricing structure for Nat Company's services?
Pricing is customized based on the scale and complexity of the workshops. However, our workshops are considered “high-end” and necessary investments in finding solutions to the problems in organizations. At a minimum, the expected cost can be anywhere from $625 - $1000 per hour per facilitator.
What locations does Nat Company serve?
Nat C. Company is located in beautiful Central Florida, but services organizations all over the world. Our facilitators are passport-ready and willing to jump on a plane in order to provide the services that our clients need. Travel expenses, including plane tickets, hotel accommodations and local commute are always covered by our clients.
What should clients expect during a workshop session?
Our clients should expect to have a memorable experience with thought provoking content, dynamic activities and engaging strategies, designed to extract the solutions they need from what they once saw as the problem.
How does Nat Company handle client feedback?
Nat C. Company facilitators thrive on feedback. We are always excited to learn ways to improve our approach to facilitation, so that our strategies are always relevant and effective. Once feedback is received we go back to the drawing board immediately to discuss, adjust and enhance our framework.
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